Oil Free Air Compressor for Beverage Processing

Over the past few years, the beverage industry in China has experienced significant growth, accompanied by continuous advancements in factory equipment automation. The industry has increasingly adopted integrated technology combining machinery, electricity, and compressed air in its equipment. Compressed air usage has gained popularity in the beverage industry due to its clean and safe characteristics, cost-effectiveness, and minimal environmental impact. As a result, compressed air finds widespread application in various equipment used within the beverage industry.

Compressed air is widely used in equipment within the beer, lactic acid, food fermentation, and other food industries. It serves as the primary power source and fulfills critical roles in process control and protective filling. In the beverage industry, compressed air is required to control the valves and braking devices in the automatic production line of filling, packaging and bottling. Completely pure compressed air is also required for the transportation, blowing, ventilation, fermentation, cooling and spraying of powdery substances.

The beverage industry imposes strict requirements on compressed air due to its direct contact with products during certain processes. Any presence of oil or impurities in compressed air can result in contamination, posing potential health risks to consumers. Therefore, maintaining high standards of air purity is crucial in order to ensure consumer safety and prevent any potential physical harm caused by even minor instances of contamination.

Therefore, we must be cautious about the compressed air used in the beverage industry. The reasonable and correct selection of air compressor and post-treatment device is of great significance to ensure the hygiene and quality of food and beverage.

For the impurities contained in compressed air, the purification of compressed air is mainly to remove impurities such as dust, moisture and oil. Dust and moisture mainly come from the air, and most of the oil comes from the air compressor itself. In addition to using oil-free lubricated air compressor, oil-lubricated air compressor is generally used. Therefore, choose to install a set of high-quality air compressor post-treatment equipment, which can filter the dust and impurities in the compressed air, remove the moisture and oil, and make the compressed air meet the standard.

Elang offers a comprehensive range of post-treatment equipment, including high-efficiency and precision filters and dryers, designed to deliver pure compressed air for the beverage industry’s equipment. Moreover, Elang’s complete series of air compressor products feature pre-filter screens that effectively filter the air prior to entering the compressor. Our aim is not only to cater to the needs of the beverage industry but also to provide every enterprise with a superior compressed air experience characterized by high quality, energy efficiency, and reliability. With our commitment to excellence, we strive to establish Elang as a leading brand in the air compressor industry.

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