Diesel air compressor uses a diesel engine as its power source, and don’t require an external power, so they are suitable for working without electric power supply. Diesel air compressor has wheels or trailers for easy movement, such as construction sites, mining areas, agricultural fields and emergency rescue situations that require frequent movement.

360 Degree View on Elang Diesel Engine Screw Air Compressor

Reliable| Durable| High Efficiency|Energy Saving

  • Adopting Cummins engine GHH air end
    It achieves high compression efficiency and minimizes the leakage of compressed air from the high-pressure chamber to the low-pressure chamber, ensuring sufficient air flow and exhaust pressure.
  • Advanced design and manufacturing technology
    Suitable for harsh working conditions such as high altitude, high temperature, and severe cold, with strong ability for high-intensity and heavy duty operations.
  • Complete protection system
    Automatic shutdown alarm for abnormal conditions such as high exhaust temperature and high engine water temperature.
  • Compliant with emission standards
    Compliant with stage Ⅲ emission standard, Tier 3 Standard, and Stage IIIA Emission Standard.
Diesel Air Compressor

Diesel Engine Screw Air Compressor

Motor Power: 26.2 – 522 kw
Working Pressure: 7 – 35 bar
Air Delivery: 5 – 34 m3/min
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At the same time, we also produce electric mobile air compressors. Since there are no exhaust emissions and low noise levels, they are very suitable for environments like warehouses, factories, and other enclosed spaces that demand frequent mobility.

electric portable air compressor

Electric Portable Screw Compressor

Motor Power: 18.5 – 355 kw
Working Pressure: 3.8 – 25 bar
Air Delivery: 3 – 33 m3/min
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Common Applications


Recommonded Models: EL185, EL250, EL350, EL375, EL400, EL460, EL550
Nominal Working Pressure: 7-14 bar
Air Delivery: 5-13 m3/min
Max Ambient Air Temperature: 55 ℃

Ground Engineering Drilling

Recommonded Models: EL400, EL460, EL500, EL550, EL650, EL750
Nominal Working Pressure: 7-17 bar
Air Delivery: 12-28 m3/min
Max Ambient Air Temperature: 55 ℃


Recommonded Models: EL350, EL375, EL400
Nominal Working Pressure: 7-10 bar
Air Delivery: 10-22 m3/min
Max Ambient Air Temperature: 55 ℃

Blast Hole Drilling

Recommonded Models: EL550, EL650, EL750
Nominal Working Pressure: 14-21 bar
Air Delivery: 12-29 m3/min
Max Ambient Air Temperature: 55 ℃