• Why We Need a Special Air Compressor for Laser Cutting Machine?-

    As we all know, to improve the processing efficiency of a laser cutting machine, it is necessary to introduce auxiliary gases during the processing, such as air, oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases. Among these auxiliary gases, air is the most cost-effective option and is preferred by most customers. Therefore, to improve cutting performance, it is essential to have a special air compressors for laser cutting machine.

  • How to Choose the Right Compressors for Gold Mining-

    As an economical air compressor, this article focuses on introducing the supply air principle and the main features of twin-screw air compressors, including easy maintenance, low failure rate, and high level of automation.

  • Selection of Air Compressor in Petroleum & Chemical Industry-

    The petroleum industry is a major user of energy production and energy consumption. Air compressors are widely used in the petroleum & chemical industry to reduce energy consumption costs and improve production efficiency.