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Common Technical Questions About Screw Air Compressors

In our conversations with customers, we are well aware that they may encounter various problems and confusion when selecting, using, and maintaining screw air compressors. In order to provide better support and assistance to you, we have compiled a complete set of common technical questions and answers, hoping to solve your doubts and provide guidance.

2024-03-13T09:37:32+00:00March 13, 2024|Technical Q&A|

4 Typical Types of Compressed Air Heat Recovery Systems

Heat recovery from air compressors is a very environmentally friendly and energy-saving method, and is currently highly regarded as an energy-saving renovation. It is the process of transferring heat from the high-temperature oil of the air compressor to cold water through technologies such as heat exchange. The cold water is then heated and flows into a heat preservation tank, achieving the goal of heat recovery.

2024-02-01T10:04:42+00:00January 30, 2024|Technical Q&A|

Elang Nantong Factory Opening Ceremony

On this historic day, October 27, 2023, we witnessed the grand opening of Elang Nantong Factory. Nestled on an expansive 70,000 square meters of land, Elang Nantong Factory emerges as a new force in the realm of screw air compressor manufacturing, with the added honor of being witnessed by numerous valued partners and esteemed leaders.

2023-11-07T02:11:35+00:00November 2, 2023|Company News|

7 Tips for Choosing The Right Air Compressor

When purchasing an air compressor, many customers often consider whether the equipment’s performance can meet their compressed air needs. There are actually many air compressors available in the market, and at this time, they don’t know how to choose. We have summarized 7 points for purchasing an air compressor.

2024-03-15T02:35:08+00:00October 17, 2023|Technical Q&A|

Why We Need a Special Air Compressor for Laser Cutting Machine?

As we all know, to improve the processing efficiency of a laser cutting machine, it is necessary to introduce auxiliary gases during the processing, such as air, oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases. Among these auxiliary gases, air is the most cost-effective option and is preferred by most customers. Therefore, to improve cutting performance, it is essential to have a special air compressors for laser cutting machine.

2023-12-27T07:48:47+00:00October 13, 2023|Industry News|
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