how to design a compressor room

The performance and service life of compressors are significantly influenced by their operating environment, making it crucial to design the compressor room. An air compressor room that meets the standards needs to include multiple factors such as fire prevention, environment, and layout.

Meeting Fire Safety Standards

Firstly, the walls, ceiling, floor, and doors of the room should meet the fire resistance class F30 standard. In addition, the storage of flammable and explosive liquids and gases should be prohibited inside the room. Non-combustible materials should be used for the ground around the air compressor. Combustible materials should not be stored within at least 3 meters of the air compressor. Furthermore, flammable facilities such as wiring should not be installed above the air compressor.

Maintaining Favorable Environmental Conditions

Compressor Room of Textile PlantSecondly, it is essential to ensure that the room is bright, clean, dry, dust-free, and well ventilated. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that there are no flammable, explosive, or chemically unstable gases, such as acidic or alkaline gases, in the computer room. For ambient temperature, the maximum allowable room temperature for air-cooled compressors is+46 ℃, and the minimum room temperature is -5 ℃ (for water-cooled compressors, it is+5 ℃).

Meeting Layout Requirements

In terms of layout, there are several considerations:
1. Under the walls of the compressor room, it is recommended to install dust-proof metal screens with a mesh size not exceeding 0.5mm as air inlets, ensuring that the screen area is as large as possible.
2. A heat exhaust fan needs to be installed above the side wall, opposite the large air inlet.
3. The floor must be level, stable, clean, and without standing water. It can be coated in gray-white or green, and it should be cleaned at least once a week.
4. The exhaust outlet of the air compressor needs to be equipped with a wind scooper, which should have a diameter larger than the exhaust diameter of the air compressor. There should be no more than two bends, and it needs to be guided outside the machine room and protected from rain and backflow.
5. If the length of the wind scooper is greater than 5 meters, axial flow fans should be added for assistance in exhaust.
6. The wind scooper should be easily detachable and located 1 meter away from the air compressor exhaust outlet.

compressor room layout

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