Where should the Air Compressor be Placed in the Factory

The placement and design of a compressed air system is a task that requires careful consideration, taking into account the design of the compressor room, its location, infrastructure, ventilation, and potential future expansions. These factors can determine the performance and efficiency of the compressed air system.

Compressor Installation Location

The location for installing the air compressor is the first consideration. While compressors can be placed in areas shared with other equipment, the more ideal solution is to establish a dedicated compressor room. This allows for more effective centralized management, providing better operational efficiency and user-friendliness, while also preventing unauthorized access, controlling noise, and ensuring improved ventilation.
If the air compressor is installed in other functional areas, it is necessary to consider potential risks and inconveniences, such as noise and ventilation requirements, physical and overheating risks, condensate water discharge, possible pollution, and space requirements for future expansions.

The Design of The Compressor Room

The design of the compressor room is also very important. The building should be equipped with lifting equipment capable of handling the heaviest parts of the compressor unit, and there should be sufficient space for installing additional compressors. Floor drains or other equipment should be in place to handle condensate water. Additionally, it is also necessary to consider the position of the air inlet of the air compressor to avoid introducing polluted air. Pre-filters may be used, if necessary, to reduce dust in the ambient air.

Ventilation Environment

Ventilation is another important consideration for the compressor room. The heat generated by the compressor room can be dissipated through ventilation. Maintaining proper ventilation can control the temperature in the compressor room within the appropriate range. Where possible, heat recovery should be employed for use within the building. Inlets should be equipped with filters to reduce the risk of ingesting rain or snow. If the room’s ventilation is not ideal, the use of water-cooled compressors can be considered. (What’s the difference between air cooled and water cooled air compressors?)

The installation and design of an air compressor system is a detailed task that requires consideration of many different factors. Properly installing and designing an air compressor system can improve its performance, reduce faults, extend its service life, and improve its economic benefits.

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