Do you need to buy a VSD air compressor

Most industrial fields require compressed air, but these demands often fluctuates. To meet these changing needs, VSD air compressors have emerged.

VSD air compressors are particularly valuable in the following situations:

  1. There is significant fluctuation in compressed air demand between various operations.
  2. Compressed air demand varies based on shifts, weekends or seasons.
  3. Manufacturing processes have strict tolerance requirements for operating pressure.
Elang PM Screw Air Compressor Apperance
Internal structure of PM vsd air compressor

Elang VSD air compressor

These examples are all related to air pressure, and here are some advantages of vsd air compressors:

  1. VSD air compressors can operate within a more stringent pressure range compared to fixed speed air compressors.
  2. Even at lower delivery pressures, VSD air compressors can maintain the minimum operating pressure required by the air system.
  3. The pipeline system pressure of vsd air compressors can be set lower than the unloading pressure of fixed speed air compressors. Every 1 bar reduction in pressure can save up to 7% of energy.
  4. VSD air compressors can provide more stable working pressure for all compressed air applications in your factory.
Elang Fixed Speed Air Compressor
Internal Structure of Fixed Speed Air Compressor

Elang fixed speed air compressor

In certain situations, combining one or more fixed-speed air compressors with a vsd air compressor is the most efficient compressed air solution: the former meets the basic load, while the latter “adjusts”the gas supply according to demand fluctuations. Using multiple small air compressors instead of one large unit in the air supply system can provide backup, ensuring partial equipment operation even when one compressor is undergoing maintenance or repair. (Learn more about detailed solutions)

While vsd air compressors offer many advantages and are beneficial for most industrial factories, they are not always the best choice. If your demand fluctuations are minimal, a fixed speed air compressor with appropriate specifications may be more efficient. The initial cost of a fixed speed air compressor is relatively low, but when demand changes, the additional investment in vsd air compressors can usually be repaid through energy conservation, especially when the power company has economic incentives, which can quickly recover the investment.

Designing the best compressed air system should fully consider the needs of your specific processes, facilities and financing methods. In order to gain a deeper understanding of how variable frequency drives can meet your needs, we suggest that you consult an compressed air system professional.

In summary, vsd air compressors are industrial equipment with significant advantages. They can provide a stable and efficient supply of compressed air even in situations with demand fluctuations. However, depending on your specific needs and situation, a fixed speed air compressor may be a more suitable choice. Therefore, when making investment decisions, it is very important to understand the characteristics and applications.

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