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One of the common causes of high-temperature failures in screw air compressors is the blockage of the cooling system, resulting in insufficient cooling.

For t cause of high temperature we need to clean the cooling system. Different types of air compressor cooler cleaning methods are not the same, the following we will write an article on the method of cleaning the cooler.

The Cleaning Method for Water-cooled Cooling System

Firstly, disassemble the inlet pipe of the cooler, then add cleaning agent for soaking or use a circulating pump for flushing, and then rinse with clean water and install the inlet pipe.

The Cleaning Method for Air-cooled Cooling System

First, blow or remove the dust on the windscreen cover, or take off the cooling fan. Use compressed air to blow away the dust on the cooler. If there is too much dust on the cooler to blow away, it is necessary to remove the coolant and wash it with a high-pressure water gun. Alternatively, you can soak it with a cleaning solution commonly used for air conditioners and then rinse it thoroughly with a high-pressure water gun.

There is an oil inlet and an oil outlet on the cooler. Soak it in carbon cleaning agent for about 30 minutes and then rinse the oil circuit with a high-pressure water gun. After cleaning, air dry and reinstall.

It should be noted that when using cleaning agents, the concentration of the cleaning agent should not be too high to prevent corrosion of the cooler, resulting in oil and gas leakage.

The above is the steps to clean the cooling system. The method is very simple, mainly because it will be more troublesome during the disassembly process, especially the large size cooler may need 2~3 people to disassemble together to avoid falling and hurting yourself.

Especially when low-power air compressors (generally below 37 kilowatts) experience high temperature, it can be solved by cleaning the cooling system if there is no shortage of oil, the maintenance time is not long, and regular maintenance accessories are used.

When the air compressor is overheated, there are other possible faults and solutions, click the article below to learn.

How to Clean the Cooling System for Screw Air Compressor?-

Tips: The normal operating temperature of an air compressor typically ranges between 75°C to 95°C. One of the common air compressor failure is overheating of the air compressor. For screw air compressors, operating temperatures exceeding 100°C will cause high-temperature alarms or shutdowns within the system.