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The pharmaceutical industry has stringent standards for the quality of compressed air. In sectors where air quality requirements are strict, such as medical, electronics, food and beverage industries, oil-free air compressors are often the preferred choice. Oil-free air compressors, which are lubricated with water instead of oil, provide compressed air that is free from oil contaminants. This ensures a high level of cleanliness and prevents any potential pollution of the finished products.

In the pharmaceutical industry, air compressors need to produce a pure, sterile air source to meet the various needs of pharmaceutical production. Conventional air compressors usually require lubricating oil to reduce wear and friction during operation, resulting in oil mist and other contaminants that contaminate the compressed air and affect pharmaceutical quality. The oil-free screw air compressor uses a special design and materials, which can achieve completely oil-free operation, so as to ensure the purity of the air, and meet the high requirements of the pharmaceutical industry for air sources.

In pharmaceutical production, a large amount of compressed air needs to be used, such as the transportation of raw materials, the operation and cleaning of pharmaceutical equipment, filling and packaging. Oil-free screw air compressor has high compression efficiency and stable output capacity, which can quickly meet the demand of air source in pharmaceutical production. In addition, oil-free screw air compressor also has the characteristics of low noise and low vibration, which can reduce the impact of noise pollution and machine vibration on product quality in the production process.

Application of oil-free air compressor in pharmaceutical industry

1. Capsule tablets.

Compressed air is used in every step from mixing, hardening and granulation to drying, pressing, coating and packaging. Compressed air is in contact with drugs in almost every step of the manufacturing process. If the compressed air contains oil, water or other impurities, the drugs will be polluted. Therefore, even if the oil-free air compressor is used, it needs to be equipped with post-treatment equipment.

2. Fermentation.

The fermentation tank is inflated with sterile air. If sterile air is contaminated, the final product will be contaminated.

3. Instrument air and tools used in the whole manufacturing process are fueled by compressed air.

Because the air from the tool comes into contact with the product, it must be pure and oil-free.

4. Bottling, canning and packaging.

Medicine can be packaged in many ways, including blister packaging, medicine bottles, light plastic containers and cartons. Depending on the product, compressed air can be used to clean and remove moisture from these packages.

5. Drying.

Drying the drug to remove any type of solvent or water from the product. This process is usually completed by a vacuum pump, which helps to evaporate the liquid from the solid.

The application of oil-free air compressor in the pharmaceutical industry is mainly reflected in the above aspects. In practical work, it is often encountered that there is oil on the surface of the produced products. The reason for this is mainly due to the lubricant in the production equipment or the use of oil injection air compressor. Of course, if the oil-free air compressor is used, this kind of situation will not occur.

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