compressor for electronics

In electronic manufacturing, most circuits are extremely fragile and susceptible to contamination. At Elang, we understand the need for efficient, low-impact, and clean processes in electronic manufacturing to maintain the integrity and performance of the products we produce. Our air compressors utilize advanced filtering and separation technologies to ensure that the air supplied to the electronic manufacturing process is clean, dust-free, and free from any potential harmful substances.

Air compressors are widely used in various stages of the manufacturing process of electronic products.

  1. Control system of oil-free air compressor: smoother operation, less recall Compressed air is used to drive pneumatic valves, pneumatic actuators and tools. It is also used to pick up, nail, drill, move and replace electronic components. The presence of oil or compressed air containing other components can cause blockage of the instrument And invalidation.
  2. Cleaning of oil-free air compressor: reduce the defective rate of terminal products Various cleaning processes in the production process require compressed air. For example: cleaning and polishing printed circuit boards, removing chemical deposits on the wafers after turbid etching, and cleaning tools during LCD panel processing. Compression Oil in the air can accumulate on the components, causing short circuits and failure.
  3. Directly used in production: fewer defects and recalls Compressed air is used to directly produce and assemble PCB circuit boards, chips, IC cards, ABS, memory chips and LCD panels. Including drilling, casting, wiring, stamping, spraying and cutting. The oil in the compressed air will pollute the working environment and accumulate On the head-end products, product defects and recalls are caused.
  4. Nitrogen shielded welding of oil-free air compressor: Only clean gas can ensure high product quality Compressed air is used to generate nitrogen. This inert gas is used to prevent oxidation in the process of welding wires with metal semiconductors. The oil in the compressed air will contaminate the nitrogen and accumulate on hot components, causing failure or short circuit. In the process of gas separation The membrane used in the medium will also be damaged by the oil, and replacement is very expensive.

Elang is committed to providing advanced compressed air solutions for the electronic manufacturing industry. Elang oil free air compressors offer high efficiency and reliable operation, while also emphasizing energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. They are specifically designed to meet the needs of electronic manufacturing, providing stable compressed air supply, precise control, and minimal pollution risk.

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