compressor for rubber industry

Rubber products are indispensable in our daily life, such as rubber tires. In the production process of these rubber products, compressed air is indispensable, and naturally air compressors and post-treatment equipment are indispensable.

The Applications of Compressors in Rubber Manufacturing

1. Rubber Compounding

Rubber compounding is a critical step in rubber manufacturing. Compressors provide compressed air to drive machinery used in rubber compounding, such as internal mixers and open mills. These machines require compressed air to achieve thorough mixing of rubber and other additives, ensuring product quality and consistency.

2. Rubber Extrusion

The compressor is used in the rubber extrusion process by providing high-pressure compressed air. They help extrude rubber material from the extruder and shape it into the desired shape and size. This compressed air-driven extrusion process is widely used in the production of rubber products such as hoses, seals, and rubber strips.

3. Rubber Calendering and Molding

During the rubber calendering and forming process, a compressor supplies compressed air to feed the rubber material into the calender or forming machine. This process is commonly used to manufacture rubber sheets, rubber gaskets and rubber seals.

4. Vacuum Applications

Some rubber manufacturing processes require vacuum force. The compressor creates the necessary vacuum environment by extracting air. Vacuum applications include vacuum suction in rubber molds, vacuum suction during rubber molding processes, and vacuum cooling.

Requirements of Compressed Air in the Rubber Industry

In the manufacturers of rubber products, compressed air is mainly used for the power actuators of equipment, such as air cylinders and instruments. Generally, rubber products are finally pressed and shaped. Therefore, the compressed air required is higher than that of other aspects, generally 1.0MPa, while the air used in other places may be 0.6-0.7mpa.

Rubber is sensitive to oil. Therefore, the rubber factory has high requirements on the oil content of compressed air. On the other hand, the rubber factory also has certain requirements on the water content of compressed air, that is, the pressure dew point, especially the compressed air used for precision instruments. Generally speaking, the air compressor in the rubber plant needs to improve the quality of compressed air through post-treatment equipment.

Many applications and processes used in the rubber industry require extremely high precision and accuracy. Compressors are used throughout the manufacturing process from material handling to production and assembly lines. In order to be competitive, rubber manufacturers need reliable and trustworthy products to support their operations. Our products have unparalleled durability, the ability to thrive in harsh environments, and a variety of configurations to meet your needs.

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