compressor for colour sorter

With the development of science and technology, colour sorter is gradually applied to all aspects of life. Its traditional application fields are mainly concentrated in rice, coarse cereals, tea and other agricultural products finishing fields. Now it gradually infiltrates into the fields of industrial plastics and ores. Among them, seafood, jewelry and metal industries are also gradually involved in colour sorter.
It can meet the color selection requirements of more than 7000 kinds of products such as rice, tea, beans, medicinal materials, seeds, shrimps, nuts, all kinds of dry goods, plastics, jewelry, ores and other special materials.
These industries all need air compressors.

Color sorting technology has revolutionized various industries, enabling precise and efficient sorting based on color characteristics. With advancements in machine vision and artificial intelligence, color sorters have become indispensable tools in industries ranging from agriculture to manufacturing.

Which fields can colour sorters be used in?


In the agricultural sector, color sorting plays a crucial role in enhancing food quality and safety. Color sorters are extensively used in the sorting of grains, such as rice and wheat, as well as beans, nuts, and seeds. By removing defective or discolored items, color sorters ensure that only high-quality products reach the market, reducing waste and increasing consumer confidence in the food supply chain.

Food Processing

Color sorting technology has also found widespread use in food processing industries. Fruits, vegetables, and seafood often undergo color-based sorting to ensure consistent quality and appearance. By eliminating damaged or spoiled items, color sorters improve the overall aesthetics of packaged food products and enable better inventory management.

Recycling and Waste Management

In the recycling industry, color sorting technology is employed to separate recyclable materials efficiently. Plastic waste, for example, can be sorted based on color to facilitate recycling processes. By automating the sorting process, color sorters enhance the efficiency of waste management systems and contribute to sustainable resource utilization.

Mining and Ore Sorting

Color sorters are increasingly utilized in the mining industry for ore sorting. By identifying valuable minerals based on their color characteristics, color sorters improve the efficiency of extraction processes. This technology allows for the separation of ore from waste rock, reducing the environmental impact of mining operations and optimizing resource utilization.

Plastics and Manufacturing

Color sorting has become integral to the plastics and manufacturing industries. In plastic production, color sorters ensure consistent color quality in finished products, eliminating defects and enhancing aesthetics. Moreover, color sorting technology enables the separation of different types of plastic materials for recycling purposes, contributing to the circular economy.

How is the air compressor applied in the color sorting industry?

The air compressor is the main part of the air source equipment, which converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover (usually the motor) into the air pressure energy, and is the air pressure equipment of compressed air.
Colour sorter itself is unable to supply air, so it needs to be equipped with energy-saving air compressor to supply air source. When the selected material enters the colour sorter for color selection, the air stored in the energy-saving air compressor is converted into clean air to be supplied to the colour sorter. The output signal of the colour sorter system drives the solenoid valve to operate, and the different color particles are blown into the waste material cavity of the receiving hopper, while the good selected material continuously falls into the product cavity of the receiving hopper, So as to achieve to select the good parts.

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