compressed air for textile industry

With the progressive advancements in the textile industry, traditional manual production methods have been gradually supplanted by mechanical equipment. Compressed air has emerged as a vital power source for modern textile enterprises.
Given the diverse classifications within the textile industry and the complexity of production processes, the utilization of mechanical equipment has become more prevalent. A key factor for modern textile enterprises to achieve high-quality output lies in the prudent selection of an appropriate air compressor, ensuring that the compressed air aligns with the production process requirements.

Air jet looms, air wrapping machines, texturing machines, and other similar equipment are the primary consumers of compressed air in the textile and chemical fiber industry. Among them, air jet looms have the highest demand for compressed air. Ensuring the reliable operation of air jet looms is paramount, and the quality of compressed air used as the weft insertion medium plays a critical role. The quality of compressed air directly impacts the quality of textile products. By ensuring the quality of compressed air, not only can the weft insertion process function properly, but it also guarantees stable operation of the air jet looms, ultimately improving work efficiency. To meet the compressed air quality requirements for air jet looms, the following quality standards should be adhered to:

  • Remove 99.9% moisture in compressed air, and the pressure dew point is below 10 ℃;
  • Remove oil and gas suspension 0.8 ~ 1.0 μ The oil content is higher than that of oil ion;
  • Remove 1.0 μ Dust and toner particles above;
  • The pressure is generally low pressure, 0.3 ~ 0.5MPa.
  • The air compressor station should be built near the place with large air consumption, and the windows should be installed with screens to prevent flying flowers and wiring from entering.

The textile industry is characterized by high gas consumption, prolonged operational duration, and substantial power consumption. The availability of suitable air compressors significantly impacts the growth and development of textile enterprises. Insufficient gas production can hinder the normal production and operations of these enterprises, emphasizing the criticality of ensuring an adequate gas supply.

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