The Industrial Application of Elang Nitrogen Air Compressor

Nitrogen is a dry inert gas, which is used to improve quality or prevent oxygen from damaging products and processes.


Nitrogen is widely used in chemical, electronic, metallurgy, food, machinery and other fields.
In the semiconductor industry, nitrogen is extensively used as a purge and carrier gas. In the field of electronic products, nitrogen is used as an inert in epitaxial growth furnaces. It can also be used as carrier gas, zero-grade calibration gas and balance gas in laboratory analysis. Other common applications include heat treatment, ammonia production, fire suppression in mines, tire inflation, shrink fit and cooling, where nitrogen can help improve vacuum efficiency.

Industrial Production of Nitrogen Gas

The industrial production of nitrogen gas derives its raw materials from the air and utilizes methods such as cryogenic air separation (deep cold air separation for nitrogen), membrane separation, and adsorption processes (Pressure Swing Adsorption method, PSA). The collection, separation, transportation, and filling processes all require compression technology.

Why oxygen compressors need to be oil-free?

While nitrogen gas is an inert gas and does not react with oil, many people believe that it doesn’t matter if there is oil in the process of compressing nitrogen gas. Is this really the case?

First, nitrogen gas, especially high-purity nitrogen gas (with a purity of 99.9% or higher), is prohibited from containing oil in application fields such as electronics, food, pharmaceutical production, and more. If oil-contaminated nitrogen gas is treated to become oil-free through technical processes, there is a significant risk. It is better to use physically oil-free compressors – oil-free lubrication nitrogen compressors.

Second, all high-pressure gases are prohibited from containing oil. Therefore, in applications involving high-pressure nitrogen gas, it is essential to use oil-free lubrication nitrogen compressors.

So, it is essential that the compressor is oil-free during nitrogen compression.

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The Industrial Applications of Elang Nitrogen Air Compressor-

Motor Power: 22 – 125 kw
Discharged Pressure: 0.22 – 3 Mpa
Air Delivery: 3 – 10 m3/min