how to solve high fuel consumption in air compressors

If an air compressor experiences oil carryover, it not only causes environmental pollution but also contaminates post-treatment process equipment such as dryers and precision filters. Additionally, it affects product quality and can lead to varying degrees of damage to production line equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the reasons and solutions of high oil consumption in screw compressors.

Q1 Does the air compressor run under reducing pressure condition?

Q2 Does the air compressor run at excessively high discharge temperature?

Q3 Is there blocking or not smooth in oil return system?

Q4 Is oil return pipe in the bottom? Bend? broken? Is oil return pipe at side and not insert the bottom of the oil separator?

Q5 Does the one way check valve block? Or turn to two-way through? Or was it assembled in the wrong direction?

Q6 Is there initial separation fairing abnormal of the oil separator tank? Is the direction wrong of diversion tube ? Do the fairing break or deform?

Q7 Does the differential pressure sensor or differential pressure switch inter layer have collusion?

Q8 Is there collusion inside of the cooler for water cooling air compressor, and the oil gets into the waterway?

Q9 Whether the oil is added too much?The oil is consumed, but current oil level is still in the normal range! (Continuous observation is recommended)

Q10 Is there any foaming phenomenon in the oil?Can we see bubbles on the top of the oil through the oil level mirror ?

Q11 Does the oil separator match with actual air flow and working pressure of the air compressor?