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24. How to Choose The Right Screw Air Compressor?

The overall energy efficiency of the compressed air system is closely related to the selection of the right air compressor consumption, and the basic principles are as follows:
1. Be sure to ask the pneumatic equipment manufacturer to provide air consumption and changes in air consumption as a basis for analysis and selection of air compressor capacity.
2. If there are seasonality, time differences or other factors that will affect changes in gas consumption, detailed evaluation is required.
3. Make an overall consideration of the forward-looking outlook of the factory, and list the estimated gas consumption of the near-term, mid-term, and long-term investment plans.
4. Do not insist on the concept that the type, model, and capacity of air compressors must be consistent so that spare parts are interchangeable. When the range of air consumption changes is very large, choosing a compressed air system with both large and small capacity air compressors can provide a more flexible strain range achieves unexpected energy-saving effects.
5. If a compressed air system with more than 3 – 5 units of air compressors is used, as long as the appropriate control method and peripheral equipment are carefully selected, there is no need to consider the configuration of both large and small capacity air compressors to avoid small capacity air compressors. The machine may be idle.
The use characteristics of compressed air in various industries or factories have their own differences, so choosing the capacity of an air compressor has a considerable degree of complexity. How to correctly choose the capacity of an air compressor requires a detailed evaluation in advance.

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