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23. How to Match Air Compressors to Achieve Energy Saving When The Air Delivery is Known?

It is undeniable that a single air compressor with large air delivery is much better in overall energy efficiency than multiple air compressors with small air delivery. This is a common characteristic of any type of air compressor. Therefore, the principle of choosing an air compressor based on energy efficiency is to choose a large air compressor rather than a small one. However, according to various aspects, the selection of a large air compressor is also limited by the following factors:
1. For the limitations of the power system, the first thing that must be considered is the application voltage. It must be considered whether the large air compressor can withstand the impact of the power grid when it is started.
2. Due to seasonal variations, time intervals, or other factors, if the variation in compressed air exceeds a certain range (depending on the type of machine), or if the actual air delivery is likely to be much lower than the estimated value before purchasing the air compressor, a single air compressor will unavoidably lead to emissions or unloading, resulting in energy wastage. Multiple air compressors, on the other hand, offer greater flexibility to accommodate changes in usage.
3. Abnormal shutdowns or unnecessary stoppages is the potential pressure of production suspension. In order to reduce the risk of production suspension, it is necessary to consider setting up a backup machine. The backup rate of using a single machine can be as high as 50%.

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