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01. The Purpose of Screw Air Compressor Lubrication Management and The Role of Lubricating Oil in Work

The Purpose of Screw Air Compressor Lubrication Management

Proper lubrication of equipment is an important condition for the normal operation of electromechanical devices. Scientifically using lubricants and managing oil products can reduce equipment wear, reduce power consumption, extend equipment life, and ensure safe operation of equipment. In summary, the purpose of lubrication management is to ensure the normal operation of equipment and prevent accidents from occurring; Reduce air end wear and prolong service life. Reduce frictional resistance, reduce kinetic energy consumption, improve lubrication, save oil, and avoid waste; Improve and maintain production efficiency.

What is the role of lubricating oil in the operation of screw air compressors?

The function of lubricating oil is lubrication, cooling, flushing, sealing, vibration reduction, unloading, protection, etc.
1. Lubrication effect: Improve friction conditions, reduce friction, prevent wear, and also reduce power consumption.
2. Cooling effect: The heat generated during friction is mostly carried away by the lubricating oil, and a small amount of heat is directly dissipated through conduction radiation.
3. Flushing effect: The worn debris can be carried away by lubricating oil, known as flushing effect. The effectiveness of flushing has a significant impact on wear. The lubricating oil formed between the friction surfaces is very thin, and metal debris staying on the friction surface will damage the oil film, forming dry friction and causing abrasive wear.
4. Sealing effect: The sealing between the cylinder wall and piston of the air compressor is achieved through the sealing effect of lubricating oil.
5. Vibration reduction effect: Friction components move on the oil film as if floating on the “oil pillow”, providing a certain buffering effect on the vibration of the equipment.
6. Unloading effect: Due to the presence of an oil film between the friction surfaces, the load acting on the friction surface is evenly distributed through the oil film on the friction surface, and this action of the oil film is called unloading.
7. Protective effect: It can prevent corrosion and dust, providing protection.

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