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28. How to Determine If The Pressure Drop in The Compressor System is Normal?

Compressed air users must not only choose the appropriate air compressor capacity to meet the air consumption of the gas equipment, but also pay attention to the system pressure to meet the requirements of the gas equipment at all times, and make timely judgments on the reasons for the decrease in system pressure.
Generally, the output pressure of air compressors in industry is 0.69MPa, and the pressure sent to the equipment use point is at least 0.62MPa. This shows that the air compressor has an unloading pressure of 0.69MPa and a cylinder pressure (also known as system pressure) of 0.62MPa.
If the system pressure is lower than 0.62MPa or does not gradually rise to the unload pressure of 0.69MPa, it may require more air. Of course, the first step is to check for any significant leaks. If it is confirmed that there are no leaks in the system, then the operation of the air compressor’s unload and control systems should be checked for proper functioning.
If the compressor needs to operate at a pressure higher than 0.69MPa to provide a system pressure of 0.62MPa, it is necessary to check if the piping size of the distribution system is too small or if the after treatment equipment has not been cleaned in a timely manner, leading to an increased pressure drop.

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