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17. What is The Energy-saving Significance of Screw Air Compressors?

Air compressors are increasingly widely used in industries such as industrial, mining, healthcare, and even agriculture. Their usage, especially in the industrial field, is substantial, and they rank as the top energy consumers within industrial facilities. The majority of air compressors are driven by electric motors. Air is drawn in through filters, compressed by the compressor, and the compressed air is then passed through an oil -gas separator before being output.

As long as the air compressor is in operation, the electric motor runs at its rated speed. The output airflow of the air compressor is regulated by the size of the inlet valve opening. Even when unloading, it operates at the rated speed, resulting in no functional consumption. Therefore, it is completely necessary to take various measures to adjust the output of the compressor, so that the motor always works at the appropriate load and saves energy.

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