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16. What are The Other Devices in The PLC System?

  1. Programming device. Programmer is an indispensable device for PLC development and application, monitoring operation, inspection and maintenance. It is used for programming, setting system settings, and monitoring the working status of PLC and the system controlled by PLC. However, it does not directly participate in on-site control operation. Small programmer PLCs generally have handheld programmers, and currently, computers (running programming software) generally act as programmers.
  2. HMI (Human machine interface). The simplest HMI is indicator lights and buttons. Currently, integrated operator terminals with LCD screens (or touch screens) are becoming increasingly popular. It is very common for computers (running configuration software) to serve as HMIs.
  3. Input and output devices. Used for permanent storage of user data, such as EPROM, EEPROM writer, barcode reader, input analog potentiometer, printer, etc.
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