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02. What is The Features of a Single-machine Controller for a Screw Air Compressor?

The single-machine control device for screw-type air compressors commonly employs an IC board control panel or a microcontroller control panel. The screw-type air compressor controller is a spare part that controls the normal operation of the entire machine in an air compression system. It possesses functions for automated control, real-time monitoring, and fault handling for the unit.

While the appearance of screw-type air compressor controllers varies among different brands, their functionalities are largely similar. They automatically control the unit’s states such as shutdown, standby, start, load, no-load, prolonged idle, and emergency shutdown. Real-time monitoring of parameters such as discharge pressure and discharge temperature is carried out to enable automatic maintenance and protection of the unit. The controller can also set usage times for the compressor’s filters; when the operating time exceeds the set time, indicator lights activate to signal the need for component replacement. Furthermore, the controller can be upgraded through software to extend its capabilities, making it versatile for application in different industrial settings. It offers user-friendly operation and is easy to master.

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