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01. What are The Protective Control Measures for Screw-type Air Compressors?

There are two types of protective control measures for screw-type air compressors: single-machine protection control and joint protection control systems.

Single-machine protection control system involves a dedicated control system for each individual air compressor. This control system manages various protection settings for a single air compressor.

Joint protection control system involves multiple air compressors sharing a single control panel. This control system manages multiple interconnected air compressors and can be connected to the DCS (Distributed Control System) operating system in the control room. The joint protection control system primarily deals with settings and switching of the air compressor air end, individual machine interlocking start-stop sequences, and delays. This helps maintain balanced operational times among the air compressors.

Joint protection control systems enhance the efficiency and synchronization of multiple air compressors, while single-machine protection control focuses on individual compressor protection settings.

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