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06. What is The Startup Process and Emergency Shutdown of an Air Compressor’s Motor?

After pressing the motor’s start button, the motor initiates operation. During this period, the motor is in the ramping or running phase. Meanwhile, the air compressor remains in an unloaded state. The intake side of the air compressor reaches a high level of vacuum, and the required lubricating oil for the air compressor and bearings is ensured by the pressure difference between the vacuum in the air compressor chamber and the atmospheric pressure in the oil and gas separator. Approximately 2 seconds later, the motor reaches normal operation, and the control system switches to full pressure mode, leading to the opening of the air compressor’s intake valve.

When the discharge temperature of the air compressor exceeds 100°C or the motor’s thermal protection device activates due to overload, the power supply is cut off. The motor halts immediately, and the three-way solenoid valve and intake valve close. The blowdown valve fully opens, releasing the compressed air from the system into the atmosphere.

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