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27. What are The Methods and Requirements for Energy-saving Monitoring of Air Compressors?

  1. The monitoring must be carried out under normal operating conditions of the air compressor unit and the supply air system, and these conditions should be statistically representative.
  2. For air compressor units operating under stable loads, a testing cycle of 2 hours is used, while for air compressor units under unstable loads, one or several load change cycles are considered as one testing cycle.
  3. During the testing cycle, various measured parameters under the same operating conditions should be sampled simultaneously, and each measured parameter should be sampled at least three times or more. The sampling interval should be between 10 to 20 minutes, and the calculated value should be the average of the readings from each set.
  4. The volumetric flow rate of the air compressor is measured using a flowmeter method. For water-cooled intercoolers in air compressor units, the thermal balance method as per relevant regulations can also be employed for measurement.
  5. Instrumentation Requirements: Electrical, temperature, pressure, and flow measurements should be within the specified operating range of the instruments. The accuracy of measuring instruments (including online operational instruments) should comply with the regulations. Instruments should be within their valid calibration period.
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