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19. What are The Impacts of Air Leakage in Compressed Air Systems on Energy Efficiency?

Air system leakage is a continuous source of power loss, so regular inspection and elimination of system leak points should be conducted.

At a pressure of 7.0 bar, three 3mm leakage points leak approximately 2.2 m3/min. At the same working pressure, a single 6mm leakage point leaks approximately 2.832 m3/min, which is equivalent to the air delivery consumed by an 18.75 kW air compressor. With an electricity cost of 0.4 yuan per kilowatt-hour and operating for 8,000 hours per year (in a three-shift schedule), the value of the lost air due to these leaks amounts to 60,000 yuan.

During the operation of the compressed air system, it is important to ensure that the pressure drop at the end of the pipeline does not exceed 0.06 MPa, and there is no significant increase in air consumption. Otherwise, it should be considered whether there is a leakage in the system.

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